ACACIDIFICATION - Moringa oleifera with angelica 30g



Acid deacidification mixture is intended for the preparation of a beverage

Moringa in combination with angelica is characterized by its effect on harmonized digestion. Angelica supports normal digestion, liver function and cleansing of the body. It also affects the normal level of the body's Ph.


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Ingredients: Moringa ooleifera - leaf 70%, Angelica - root 30%

Instructions for preparation: Pour the herbal mixture with hot water at max. 80 ° C in a ratio of 1-2 teaspoons to 1.5-2 dl. To prepare a drink in the kettle, add 1 teaspoon extra. Extraction time 8-10 minutes (covered cup), then strain.

Dosage: Recommended dosage 2-3 times a day cup (1.5-2 dl).

Storage: Store at a temperature of 5 to 25 ° C in a dry and dark place. Do not expose to direct sunlight.

Weight: 30 g

Country of origin:

Moringa oleifera: Philippines

Angelica: Czech Republic


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