Lipo C Moringa forte, 60 capsules (420mg) - vitamin C for 2 months



Lipo-C-Moringa Forte contains natural vitamin C with liposomal absorption and a natural powder from the crushed leaves of Moringa Oleifera from the Philippines.


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Vitamin C is needed for antioxidant protection of the body against oxidative stress, to ensure the functioning of the immune and nervous system, to reduce the degree of fatigue and exhaustion, to produce collagen, which is important for strength tissues (blood vessels, cartilage, bones, skin, hair, etc.) . The incidence of the disease has been shown to be associated with decreased levels of vitamin C, which often does not manifest itself in any way, but leads to the development of oxidative stress, the undesirable excess of which damages the immune, nervous, liver, intestinal and other cells.


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